Monday, October 4, 2010

Geaux Louisiana

People here are NOT afraid to speak their mind as you can see
from the top of the State Farm agent's sign!


I haven't blogged in a I guess it's about time I got back at it.
I've been collecting these pictures for about that long so here goes...have fun!
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We live in Lafayette, Louisiana for those of you who are new to this blog. Lafayette, LA is the "heart of Cajun Country" where it's all about spice, festivals, food, Zydeco music, Cajun French, sugar cane and alligators (if you haven't see Swamp People on the History Channel).

Yummy seasoning....

This is a collection of funny pictures I've collected around town. Since "French" is the main language here you will see the use of "aux" a lot. Geaux = GO ...just so you will know. :)

The first picture (above) is of our Speed LUMP sign. No Speed BUMPS here....

Next, for all of you that don't want to WALK into the convenience store for your SMOKES you can just drive through. We have a lot of drive-thru's as you will see a little farther down the line.

Next, I "caught" some fish hanging at our local Academy Sports with the following sign...

"Lies Not Included"... Humor is in no shortage around these parts!

Before I moved to Louisiana, I had no idea how much rice was produced here. Here is a bag of Cajun Country rice which has the SEAL of approval as "Certified Cajun".

This is some good ol' shrimp and crawfish boil (seasoning)...

When you see this tea in your local grocery store there will be no doubt where it came from...

And here is the you know it's authentic!

A local bingo joint with a great spelling!

Out best tourist attraction...Drive-Thru Daiquiris! The paper on the tip of the straw makes it a "closed container". We don't have a lot of LAWS here...which is REALLY nice.
Notice the "Geaux Cajuns" at the bottom of the sign.

And on this water station....H2O to Geaux!

And...even some fun "plays on words".... (sorry the picture is so small).

Well, hope you have had a fun little tour of Southwest Louisiana!
Come on down and visit sometime!

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Michelle Warnick Christensen said...

I LOVE your blog, Korin! So much fun to view! You have a beautiful family....thanks for sharing all the great things in your life with everyone! Love it! And thanks for commenting on my blog...always so great to hear from you! Mwah!